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THE NEED: School holidays are high-risk periods for youth, as they often have little supervision and few opportunities for structured activities. A study found that unprotected sex, smoking and indulgence in alcohol, etc.  increase among young people during this period. To meet this need, YEDI introduced the “Skillz Holiday” program, that uses the Grassroot Soccer curriculum which combines football drills, games and other physical activities, health education curriculum delivery, vital discussions and biomedical interventions, such as HIV testing and treatment in a safe, fun and interactive environment. It also features talent hunt, motivational talk sessions, soft skill acquisition, and lots of fun, etc.

THE EVENT: Each Skillz Holiday program engages a minimum of 100 youth participants and at least 10 Skillz Coaches to maximize youth-coach interaction.  Each program runs for 5 hours per day over 5 days, with 2 health and wellness activities delivered each morning and a fair-play soccer in the afternoon. The final day of the program is a “World Cup” style tournament celebration with parents and community members present.

CAMP TYPES: In targeting specific demographics and tailoring our program to suit peculiar needs, we have GIRLS-ONLY CAMPS (for girls aged 13-19) and MIXED CAMPS (for boys & girls aged 10 -19 years).

#GETINVOLVED: Support Skillz Holiday programs in the community and show your commitment to social development, health, wellness and empowerment of young people as well as malaria & HIV prevention in Nigeria.


•Significant brand exposure through creative PR and marketing

•Opportunity to engage employees and showcase your organizations’ CSR to partners

•Prominent recognition across all our platforms as an individual/organization with a commitment to fighting HIV, Malaria, and development of young people in disadvantaged communities in Nigeria


It takes $3,500 (about N1.1million) to #SponsorAcamp of 250 participants or $16 (N5,000) to #SponsorAchild. It includes Health & Wellness education, Skillz training, football activities, empowerment & leadership training sessions, safe and secure facility, daily breakfast & lunch, graduation celebration, etc.

VOLUNTEER: We also welcome volunteers at the camps – those who are passionate about the health, wellness, and development of young people and want to use their training, skills and talents to impact lives this holiday.


Amount: NGN

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Established in 2011, Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) is a Nigerian NGO committed to introducing effective, innovative, and most times, tried-and-tested development approaches that are ready for adaptation in the Nigerian setting. Headquartered in Lagos, represented in Nigeria’s Capital City - Abuja and with operations in 2 additional States (Akwa Ibom and Ogun), YEDI focuses on educating, empowering and inspiring the development of individuals and communities especially children and youth.



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