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A central element of YEDI’s philosophy is to engage non-­traditional donors and private sector in our programs. Through   these partnerships we work to develop more sustainable and impact-oriented contributions building on corporate strengths and active involvement.

Our Partners include Grassrootsoccer Global, ExxonMobil, MAC AIDS Fund, African Women's Development Fund (AWDF), StreetFootBallWorld, State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) Lagos, Excellence Community Education Welfare Scheme (ECEWS), SOS Children's Villages, Africare, Novartis, AIDS Care Managers, Women’s Rights and Health Project (WRAHP) and the Lagos State Ministry of Health.

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Established in 2011, Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) is a Nigerian NGO committed to introducing effective, innovative, and most times, tried-and-tested development approaches that are ready for adaptation in the Nigerian setting. Headquartered in Lagos, represented in Nigeria’s Capital City - Abuja and with operations in 2 additional States (Akwa Ibom and Ogun), YEDI focuses on educating, empowering and inspiring the development of individuals and communities especially children and youth.



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