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Every sixty seconds, a child dies from malaria in Africa. Nigeria has one of the highest burdens of malaria in the world, with over 20 % of the total number of malaria cases worldwide. In line with its dedicated effort to fight malaria and its continued support for our Grassroot Soccer program in Nigeria, Novartis has provided YEDI with 280 ‘One World Futbols’ for our program implementation in Nigeria. The balls arrived our office in Yaba and everyone here is excited about using these nearly indestructible balls to continue to prevent the spread of malaria using football as an effective educational and engagement tool. This is part of an educational program supported by Novartis aiming to reach 8,000 children in Nigeria with malaria educational materials. In addition to the malaria educational booklets provided by Novartis, at Grassroot Soccer we will use the footballs to teach several practices in our Skillz Naija curriculum such as the Risk Field and Bed Net Practices.

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The One World Futbol is a nearly indestructible ball that never needs a pump and never goes flat – even when punctured multiple times. Whether for use on the street, at the beach, at home or on the roughest landscapes in the world, the One World Futbol will last for years.

Novartis through its ‘Malaria Initiative’ has since 2001, been working with a range of organizations like ours, and has provided over 600 million malaria treatments for adults and children, without profit, to more than 60 malaria-endemic countries, impacting more than one million lives, mostly infants and children.

Our work with the Novartis ‘TATU’ booklets – a cartoon illustration providing information on malaria prevention and the importance of appropriate diagnosis and treatment – has been a huge success. We hope to provide 8,000 kids with the TATU booklet by August 2014 and help progress the collaborative work of delivering a malaria free nation.

We are grateful to Novartis for their continued support to our program and the fight against malaria in Nigeria.

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Established in 2011, Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) is a Nigerian NGO committed to introducing effective, innovative, and most times, tried-and-tested development approaches that are ready for adaptation in the Nigerian setting. Headquartered in Lagos, represented in Nigeria’s Capital City - Abuja and with operations in 2 additional States (Akwa Ibom and Ogun), YEDI focuses on educating, empowering and inspiring the development of individuals and communities especially children and youth.



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