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YEDI introduces effective development approaches that have been proven successes elsewhere in Africa. Innovative development projects target Nigeria’s youth and engage them using sports, technology, and employment skills.

Committed development professionals with expertise in international public health, governance, and corporate social responsibility in Africa and especially in Nigeria created YEDI in 2011. YEDI sees itself as a hub to expand to scale tried and true programs, initiatives and projects in Nigeria’s most difficult locations: Lagos slums and the insecure, remote Northern states.

YEDI’s first program, the Grassroot Soccer West Africa program, is currently implemented in over 400 sites in Lagos, Akwa-Ibom and Ogun States and has had more than 60,000 graduates. The program adapted the highly effective football for development model piloted by YEDI’s international NGO partner, Grassroot Soccer for Nigeria. (Learn more about GRS here:

Former professional soccer players launched the program in 2002 in Zimbabwe. GRS trains African soccer stars, coaches, teachers, and peer educators in the countries most affected by HIV. The program delivers an interactive HIV prevention and life skills curriculum to youth. Children and youth in disadvantaged communities are trained in life and coping skills and empowered to act as community leaders to spread health and life skills messages to their peers.

To date more than 700,000 children in 15 Southern and Central African countries have graduated from the highly popular and effective programme delivered in the school setting.

YEDI was selected to pilot the West Africa GRS curriculum in 2011


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Established in 2011, Youth Empowerment and Development Initiative (YEDI) is a Nigerian NGO committed to introducing effective, innovative, and most times, tried-and-tested development approaches that are ready for adaptation in the Nigerian setting. Headquartered in Lagos, represented in Nigeria’s Capital City - Abuja and with operations in 2 additional States (Akwa Ibom and Ogun), YEDI focuses on educating, empowering and inspiring the development of individuals and communities especially children and youth.



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